Miracle’s Boys

Miracle’s Boys is about three children who’s mom and dad die and they go though they don’t have their parents through life.New charlie robed Ponchos candy store then went to Raway then mama die’s because she she had low isulem.Then New charlie comes back from Raway and becomes friends with a bad boy named Aroan.

Tyree tells Lafayette about their dad that died and Tyree gets a phone call from the police.Then they go to the police station and find New charlie with a busted lip and they finally get along and understand each other .The theme is that friends come and go but family will always be with you to guide you through life.

The characters help the theme by the family united even if their their mom and dad are dead.The characters also  get worried about each other like when New charlie goes to jail and Tyree and Lafayette go right away after the phone call from the police.

The setting helps the theme because New charlie come back from Raway.The police station reunites the three brothers.

In conclusion that is the summary, theme and the evidence that supports the theme.The theme once again is that friends come  and go but family will will always be there even if you parents are not with you to guide you throug

Research Report : CANADA

Canada By Adolfo G.

Canada has a lot of wild life and about thirty million people live in Canada (www.kgbanswers.com).The thesis is that Canada sounds really fascinating and looks really nice too.

Picture 2

An Interesting Past

Canada has a really interesting past that is fascinating.Canada did not want to support the the British  in war in September 15,1922 (wiki.answers.com).Chinese immigrants were banned from Canada in July 1,1923 (wiki.answers.com).Aboriginals got the right to vote in February 26,1920 (wiki.answers.com) and Canada got its first coat of arms in November 21,1921(wiki.answers.com).

Picture 4

The Languages

There are lots of languages in Canada (en.wikipedia.org).Nine out of ten people that live in Canada still speak English or French at home (Canadaonline.about.com). 18% speak another language.Other languages people speak in Canada is Italian,German,Punjabi and Spanish (Canadaonline.about.com).

Picture 5

The Popular Foods

There are some popular foods in Canada.One popular food is Sauteed Fiddle head and Bacon with Maple Graze is also a popular food too (www.food by country.com).Sweet Corn Pancakes is also popular (www.food by country.com).These foods are popular because they are mostly eaten the most by lots of people in Canada.

That is how it sounds really fascinating.I think that banning the Chinese was mean of Canada.I learned about Canada’s interesting past and other things.The fact that suprised me was how many people live in Canada.I would like to learn about Canada’s religion’s.


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A Fun Day

When I went to the park I felt really sad because my cousins never play with me  and I play by myself and sometimes I brought my toys to play with.One day I did not even want to even go because no one played with me at the park but my cousin that plays with me at school came and we started playing with our Nintendo DS Lite I brought it so I could play.Then we made a sand castle at the park and played tag,we got water and made a hole and a river at the park.Then water came out of the end of the hole.After we ate a sandwich and went home but then he came to my house and he brought his hamsters.We played with them and started playing out side with the scooters.He left and that was a exciting day.I wonder if I will ever have a day like this one again.


There lived a Lego man called Bob he lives in a tree in the park.Bob was getting scared because he heard people  say there was a ghost in the park.Bob went to go find out if the ghost is real or not real.Bob went to the place were the people say the ghost is at Bob meets  a cookie called Bill then Bill wants to help Bob.Then it was night and Bob and Bill went to go find the ghost.Bill felt something and Bob and Bill saw the ghost and Bob and Bill ran to Bob house .Then the ghost left.The next day Bob and Bill went to go find the ghost in the morning and Bob and Bill found the ghost sad then Bob and Bill told the ghost why was he sad then the ghost said that everyone thinks he is mean and scary but he just wanted to play  with somebody .Then Bob and Bill went to go play with the ghost and became friends but the other people did not know  and now they have to try to convince the people he was nice.Now everyone knows that the ghost is nice and the people are not scared.Then Bob and Bill found out that the ghost did not have a house.Then Bob and  Bill had a idea they are going to make ghost a house.Then they started making a house the next day it took three weeks to finally make a house for the ghost and that is the story.


My everyday hero is my nieghbor Olivia C.Her background is in Mexico,City and only knew Spanish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Some of her difficulties was learning English when her first language was Spanish.She was working while at the same time she was going to school and for her it was really hard doing two things at the same time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       She attended E.S.L classes to learn more English then she went to collage.she was finding a job were she would learn more English because it would help her English.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    She is now good at English and found a job that is helping her more with her English.She is working in the community for Richstone Family center,a non-profit organazation helping parents raise their children in a billingual world.